Be inspired and inspire others

“Let go of your roots and you will grow.”

Step out of your comfort zone, and take on a challenging task. These tasks are the key to growth and potential. Playing life on easy gets you nowhere.

“Go above and beyond, sooner or later you will be at the top.”

This is something a lot of people overlook. If you give minimal effort on a task because you feel it will go unnoticed. Think about the possibilities that would occur if you gave 110%. All it takes is the right person to see them. Give it your all!

“Do it today, tomorrow may never come.”

The worst thing people tell me is “ill do it tomorrow” it really doesn’t make sense to me. If you have time, just get it done. Do it right then and there. If you wait, each day will just be another tally added to the board of procrastination.

“Mistakes just mean room for improvement.”

Some people may feel a mistake is the worst thing that can happen to them, but honestly, it means the plan you had will be better on the next go. You learn valuable information from that mistake that you would have not known existed. Use these “happy accidents” as the great Bob Ross would say and use them to boost your desire only making the end result that much better! Perfect your craft and others will flock!

“Perspective changes with time.”

Anything troubling you now could possibly be meaningless in a year from now maybe even a week. Know that you can overcome any situation and you will advance as far as you are willing to go! Time truly does heal wounds with the right mindset. You must be willing to want to move forward and not dwell on the past. Once you look back you will see how far you have come. Never give up!

“Exceed your limit, then you will be unstoppable.”

once you understand that the only thing limiting your potential is yourself, anything is possible. Use all your effort and you WILL achieve your goal big or small. Don’t let others tell you that you cant do it because, in the end, the future is in your hands alone. No one knows what you are capable of so don’t let them limit you!

“Your excuse is that you want an excuse.”

people will search for ways to validate why they did/didn’t do something. Don’t search for a reason that is easy to blame. Accept that the error occurred because of your miscalculation on the matter. Fix the problem and learn from the mistakes, think about what you did wrong. Most people love to blame others for their misfortune when in actuality they hold the strings to their own life!

“Prioritize your goals, not your future.”

the future is going to happen regardless, time will stop for no man. It is up to you to figure out how you will spend it. Prioritize your priorities, figure out what you need to do to make your goals happen! I see so many people, for example, spend money here and there for things they don’t need and then say oh I am saving for a new car or enough to invest in their future business. Little do they realize they are moving backwards from their goal line. The easiest thing to do is say it but putting it into action requires patience and dedication. Be conscious of your decisions because every action is another step closer to your goal!

“I believe in you, so should you”

You need to have courage and faith in yourselves, you need to believe with hard work and determination that any goal is achievable. Its all determined on how bad you want to achieve your goal. What are you willing to do, what things are you willing to give up? Understand every human is capable of great things, it is up to you to discover your strength and never forget to bet on yourself no matter the chances!

“Hard days happen, but better days will come.”

Don’t let one day bring you down. Strive to solve the problem and not give up. Life is full of ups and downs but life will not tell you how to react to those situations. It is up to you as a human being to learn from those mistakes or flaws and fix them best to your ability. If you are doing something that is difficult, keep in mind the way to the top isn’t easy. The best thing you can do while upset is smile, be happy that life is challenging you. This will form you into a stronger person!

“Do the uncomfortable”

I love to put myself in uncomfortable situations, it has helped me more than anything. Doing something you wouldn’t normally do opens you up a whole new level of information you would never have if you didn’t put yourself in that place. Any experience is good experience negative or positive they can provide different aspects that you can pick and choose to use for the future. say no to drugs but everything else is free game! Get out of that comfort zone and set new boundaries!

“Go further than your goal”

don’t just stop at your goal keep going, challenge yourself. Use the skills you learned along the way and perfect your trade.

“Don’t be the variable that holds yourself back. “

Really get to know yourself as a person. Ask yourself, what are your flaws? What are your weaknesses? What do I have to do to advance myself closer to my goal? Maximize your potential by taking control of your fears and learning that YOU are the one holding those strings. Always learn new skills and stay ahead, go for it!

“Potential isn’t capped.”

Neither should your mindset be, learn new things, and most of all learn from mistakes. Better yourself and good will come. If you believe that you cant achieve a goal, then mentally you will never get past the last obstacle to complete that goal. Understand that you can achieve as much as your mental capacity can believe you can achieve. Don’t lower it because of others expectations of you. Show us what you are made of!

“The comfort zone is scalable”

Everything you do that challenges your current perspective will grow your comfort zone. Mold yourself into who you want to become as a person. Make slow progressive steps towards your goal and you will start to become accustomed to this new mindset. Change yourself in a way that makes you happy and confident enough to complete your goals. Change doesn’t have to be fast, just certain!

“Don’t live life in neutral”

Put your life into gear, it doesn’t have to be 4th or 5th. 1st will get you to where you need to go, just make sure you’re going! Use the time you have to take steps towards your goals. Living life in neutral won’t get you anywhere, no one will give you a push start either. It is up to you to make sure you plan things out and do what you’re destined to do!

“vision your goals then correct your future.”

Take your time and plan things out, visualize your plan, break it down and execute. If you cant visualize it, write it down, and draw it out. Manifest your desires and proceed to take steps towards that goal. Every step you take the closer you get, every day spent saying leaves you blind.

“Don’t complain, fix the problem.”

When you complain all your doing is thinking about your mistakes, move on and think about the solution! Complaining takes time, use that extra time and get things done. Problems are going to occur, but how you handle them determines if you’re going to have more. Think about why it occurred and do your best to prevent the next mishap. You can fix it! 

“Smile, then execute.”

What I mean by this is don’t let anything kill your motivation, if u fall get back up. Smile, brush it off and keep winning. It’s a great feeling to make a mistake and instead of being upset and mad, you just put a smile on. Say to yourself you can do it, because in the end, if it’s your passion you will succeed. Just keep working on it!

“You are like the ocean, full of potential but unexplored.”

Meaning try new things, open your mind and use the hidden potential you have. Constantly learn and develop your skillsets. If you don’t try new things you are missing out on the different paths of that area available to you. All you need to do it is explore!

“The past happened, the future is happening.”

Don’t make the mistake of dwelling on the past, learn from it and move on. Life will never give you the opportunity to redo the past, but it will give you the option to correct your future. Every day spent not progressing yourself just leaves you in place. So take a step and grab ahold of your future!

“Time doesn’t matter when you have a dream.”

A dream will never leave you, but it’s up to you do accomplish it. Use the time you have to make your dream your reality. It won’t happen overnight, but if you work consistently it will happen! it’s your dream because, it’s hard to achieve, not impossible.

“Too many factors come into play when comparing.”

Don’t look at yourself and wonder why you don’t have the things someone else has. You cannot compare yourself to others, each person is molded in a way that makes them unique. Profit off of your characteristics and be your own role model! You are 1 in 7.5 billion, let it show!

“If you say something, do it.”

Your word means everything till it doesn’t, don’t let it get to that point. Trust can take you far, just as consistency and commitment. Don’t let your words be meaningless, set a course of action and complete your goal. If you truly mean what you say, don’t let outside factors deter you from your future. Only you can prevent it from happening!

“Passion brings success.”

No matter what subject/niche you are into, there is profit to be made. Don’t think that your hobby/passion cant be your business. When you truly love something, there are endless possibilities for you to achieve great feats! There are 7.5 billion people in this world, meaning you have nearly an endless amount of potential consumers. Do what you love and love what you do for this will make you happy! Go for it!

“Work for your goal, not someone else’s.”

If this is you, then think about when the goal is achieved are you going to feel accomplished. Ask yourself was that fulfilling? Did I use my potential correctly? What is it that you want to do in life that makes you happy? These questions are a must when you feel lost and stuck in a loop. Venture into new things and spread your mindset to unexplored areas. Find what makes you happy!

“Fear is a mental game, beat it and win life.”

Fear can only hold you back as far as you allow it to. You may be scared of strangers (Xenophobia), and it’s holding you back from progressing and meeting new connections. The best way to overcome something is to face it head-on, question why does (this fear) render me helpless? Break free from that fear by challenging it, small steps help you build up confidence and you soon begin to realize it is just in your head!

“Don’t let yourself not do “it”.

Find the determination and discipline to do it. If you know you have something that needs to get done, use your time and do it. A single action can make you, why aren’t you doing it? Do not let things venture off into the gray area of ill do it later. Whatever that “it” is get it done! If you have an idea, execute it don’t let it become someone else success!

“Your future is based on your work ethic.”

Yes, a good work ethic can take you far. Qualities such as waking up early, dedication, determination, money management, taking risks, and lastly being able to move on. These mindsets let your unlimited potential run free and allow you to take your goals head-on! Learn to practice these and see/feel the difference!

“If you wait your dream will be just another idea.”

The longer you procrastinate on your amazing dream or revolutionary idea the quicker someone else will make it a reality. Put your plans into action! Develop a way to start even if they are small, those steps can get you to your goal rather then no action at all. All you have to do is start!

“Change the route, not the destination.”

You WILL hit an obstacle along the way, it is up to you to proceed along that path by finding a different route. Obstacles are not the end, there will always be more to the journey. Workaround your goal, all you need to do is keep pushing on. You will get through to the end!

“Only you know your capabilities, others don’t. “

Be the best version of you possible. Work your mind, body, and spirit to grow as much as possible. Practice new skills, and learn from other’s perspectives. It’s always a breath of fresh air thinking about things differently. Be true to yourself and have faith that you can do it!

“life won’t give you a participation trophy.”

The real world holds no punches. The only ones who get trophies work for them! train your mind daily and acquire new skills so that you can have what it takes to run your race. Imagine your prize and work to achieve it, the satisfaction will be immense! Go for gold!

“Embrace the storm, there WILL be a rainbow afterward.”

Don’t let that hurricane of sorrow take over your life. There will better days, and that pain won’t last. You will get through it, all it takes is time. Believe in yourself and in your future because YOU have the potential to make it happen! When that rainbow comes around sit there and remember how strong you are. Think about what you have gone through to get this far and keep going!

“Keep at it and good will come.”

Dedicate yourself to your passion and monetization will be easy. Don’t worry about the money in the beginning. If you are doing what you truly love and it brings you joy, keep at it. If you make a mistake get up, brush yourself off, don’t look back and just keep on moving. Learn from those mistakes and you will learn the key to success!

“Opinions don’t matter because they are just that.”

They are not fact, why treat them as so? They are solely the perspective of an individual who does not know you. There is no possible way for them to know you fully and what you are capable of. Use your full potential and eliminate your self-doubt!

“Growth comes with time.”

As time progresses, you should start to develop your skills. Doing so will help you immensely, whether it be for your business or personal life. If you are not good at that skill now don’t worry, you have time to expand and become great! As long as you put the effort in you will progress. Great things didn’t happen overnight, they were molded that way with hard work, dedication and time!

“Dedicate yourself like you don’t have a choice.”

Use this perspective when you feel like there is no motivation in the air. Tell yourself you have to, there is no other option. If I don’t get it done now, it will never get done. You must put in the effort for your goals to happen. You don’t have a choice but to take action. Get up and go!

“Don’t look back to what was, look forward to what is.”

Move on, go straight for your goal and don’t stop. Not only does dwelling on the past take precious time from you, but it leaves you in an ill mindset. Block the negative past and move to a progressive future. The past is already behind you, understand that!

“Stop chasing your dream in your dreams. Stop chasing your dream in your dreams.”

Don’t be afraid, make that first step. You will only live that dream while you are asleep if you never take any action towards it. Don’t be comfortable with the fact that, “well its just a dream of mine…” If you want it bad enough you have to go out there and get it. Don’t stay asleep where it’s easy, accept the challenge!

“Believe it then achieve it.”

 If you have faith in yourself and in your goal you are already unstoppable. Learn to trust your judgment more and less of the opinions others have. Once you see your vision, plan it out and go for it. Inch by inch and step by step, you will get closer, then BOOM. You turn around and see how far you’ve gotten. All because you had the courage to just go for it!

“You are your past but stronger.”

Every day when you wake up take a breath and be thankful. Plant an image in your head that you are living proof of a stronger version of who you once were. Everyone has a past, whether you have faced great things or bad, it is up to you to change it so that you can live the life you want. We have all had hard times, give yourself a reason not to go back!

“Embrace failure its the ultimate feedback.”

Nothing will give you more feedback than actually trying it out and either succeding or failing. In anything you do in life, there is a great lesson to be learned. Take notes from the loss and make your chances on the next try significantly greater! You only truly lose ounce you give up, so why not keep trying? Put those failed attempts to good use!

“You are the only person in the way, so move!”

If you think about it this way, you have no excuse to not go for your goals. I mean move in two ways: Physically get up and get some work done, as well as move that mindset of fear, laziness, and self doubt to the side with more progressive tendencies. Yes, it sounds easy because it is! All you need to do is stick to a routine and dedicate yourself! Build these good traits over time and see the bad ones start to disappear!

“Don’t look for validation, no one can give you that.”

To know you are on the right path dont look to others to tell you, validation comes from within. Once you are on the right path you will feel it. As if you were destined to do what you are trying to accomplish. Once you find that self-worth, go all out! You know your end goal and what it means to you. So why let someone else tell you you’ve made it or not?

“Don’t feel pressured, you have time!”

 I feel like most people want results quickly, if not they lose interest and start to deter away from their goal. Understand that no matter where you are in life, you have time. Just because you don’t see results now does not mean they won’t come sooner or later. Persistence is key to life, you do not give up until you have it! 

“Everyone has potential, don’t waste it!”

If you are able to read this be happy, some are unfortunate enough that can’t see. Deeply evaluate your life and look at what you have. Understand that within you is something great that needs and wants to be unleashed. Why hold it back? Why not let it run free and achieve great things? Understand that some people wish they were in the place you are currently in!

“Don’t prove to others, prove to yourself!”

Jedi MasRemember you are the number one priority, so why prioritize others’ opinions over yourself? Do what you want for yourself, do not chase another expectation of you. Find what makes YOU happy not what makes them happy. If they are not proud of you for doing you, they do not matter! You come first.

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