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You will wait forever while you could be using that time to get yourself out there and actually get things done. All that time you waste waiting will never be given back to you. Your time is precious and it’s your most valuable asset. You have the power to be as big as you think you deserve. Put yourself out there, bring the energy to attract a following and be consistent. The first step is the most rewarding, make today the day!


You may ask yourself why do you have to go through this race of repetitive laps every day but it is worth every single moment. You have to work for what you want! There is so much good around just accept it into your life. Push away the negative and focus on what brings you happiness and progresses your future. Get good at the daily hustle and keep making progress. Keep going till you no longer see life as a hustle but as a challenge for something better!


If no one has told you to keep trying then today is the day! Get back on the path you were on and keep pushing. You have so much ahead of you and much more to experience. Don’t let the obstacles get in your way. The higher you get the less of a challenge you will see them. Aim high and enjoy the view!


Many people tend to ignore what they are good at and try to master a bunch of traits which can lead to an unclear path. If you are good at something, try and progress that skill as much as possible. There is a reason you are good at it and the world needs to see it! Learn things that can enhance your skills and make them even more adaptable to other fields. Don’t neglect what you are good at, enhance them!


You must want to succeed more than anything. This does not mean you are scared to fail because failing only means a new lesson learned. You can have fears but your hunger for success must be stronger. Once you have the strong enough desire those fears will fade and the path to your goal will be untouchable by any doubts!


This means whatever decision you want to make in life, you are the final person to make the choice. Never forget how much power you hold. You will always be the mater of your mind, never let anyone/anything control you. If you want to start then start and if you want to quit then you have the freedom to do so! Make the change you want!

“you are your grind.”

Put effort into what you do. Show yourself that you can commit and follow through with your plans. Do not slack off because “you don’t feel like it”. That will become a habit and sooner or later all of that procrastination will add up. So put yourself into the perspective of importance. Do everything you can to get the objective done. You cannot expect results while slacking and holding off. Succeed with your mind and traits, then you will see improvement!


The feeling of being stuck and not having any options is just a mindset. There is always something you can do to make your situation better. The first step you can do is look at the bright side. Then understand that time will change and life will progress. No matter what happens there will be a future and it all depends on what you do now. That feeling won’t last and your predicament will seem so minimal because it was all a perception of time!


You have so much to experience and do in this life! Whatever is bothering you right now is probably not going to matter within 6 months but you make it out to be the end of the world. Understand that it can only affect you as much as you allow it to! You control how you feel and what you do about it! Keep writing your story and publish it to the world, it needs to be heard!


I understand the feeling that you are experiencing, the awareness of time. I cannot stress this enough! At the moment anything can feel as if it will last forever but it is all a perception of “now”. Whatever you are going through right now will slowly lose those overwhelming feelings with time. You must focus on what is important and what will progress you. Pay attention to the things that really matter in life so that you can stop the negativity! Be aware, be strong, and be prepared. Those emotions will pass!


Anytime you have time, use it to get ahead! If not, you have the possibility to fall behind. Prioritize and make a list of what needs to get done first! Life is going to continue no matter what, don’t get left behind because you did not get ahead! There is always something you can cut from your day to day that will give you extra time to do more important work. Be aware of what it is and replace it. Stay ahead of the game!


Everything leads to another. At the end of the rainbow is a chance of finding gold. When you are aware of the pain and what caused it then you can take advantage of it. There is a greater comeback to move on and fix where you went wrong with the next venture. In life, you will get as many attempts as you are willing to try. It is only truly over when you have given up! Make the comeback and turn things around!

“explore small opportunities to reach the big ones.”

Everything you do will add up and help you later on in life. No matter how small the feat may seem, take it and learn from it. You never know what will come from it. There is an opportunity hidden within every path, all you have to do is explore them! No matter where you are in life, you can work your way up. There will be a moment for you to shine all because you took that one small step!

“Give yourself time, but never forget your grind.”

We all go through personal complications such as heartache, sickness, or even unhappiness. But you cannot stay down forever, don’t forget your resolve. Dwelling on the past will keep you behind and depressed. Look to a brighter future, one where you are consistently trying to progress yourself. Yes, those pains hurt but you cannot let them rule you. You lived before the pain and so shall you after. There is hope and I have the faith you can pull through!

“time span your lifespan”

time span your lifespan. Ask yourself what do I want before I die, then give yourself a limit. Picture yourself only having 6 months or a year to live. How would you live it? What do you want to accomplish? What would make yourself proud before you pass, that is what really matters. Don’t think because you are young or healthy that you have plenty of time. When the time comes and you look back at what you have done, will you be happy? Try this mindset once and evaluate your life. Go for your goal and stop waiting!

“The first attempt shouldn’t be the last.”

Don’t let that first attempt detur you from advancing. The first try is always the hardest but the most important. This is were one shows their spirit and what they are willing to do to move forward. Life is going to challenge you but you should never give up until you beat whatever task in your way! The more you try, the more experience you gain. Each attempt gets you closer and closer to your goal. Everything gets easier with time!

“Positivity is, replacing can’t with can.”

No matter the odds you have to stay strong and hold onto your faith. .
Positive reassurance can help you push through and promote a change that is for the better. .
Don’t let one thought, one doubt, one letter change who you become. .
The mental game we play with ourselves is 10x the actual outcome of the situation. .
Don’t let your fears and worries hold you back because you CAN do whatever you set your mind to! 

“don’t wait for the problem to become a problem.”

We tend to put things off until it becomes a dire situation and it only hurts us in the long run. .
If you know that something is coming up, start it now! Remove the unneeded stress by getting a headstart so that you don’t have to worry about the problem. Always think about how situations can go wrong and what you can do to prevent them. There are a lot of different things we can do to eliminate stress, let this be one of them!

“Never get addicted to anything except the hustle”

In life, we as humans tend to go for instant gratification over long term happiness. .
Meaning whatever can fill the void that we think we are missing, we overindulge ourselves to the point of addiction. .
The only thing you should be addicted to is the hustle, the hunger to better yourself and the way you live. .
You must want the best and only that can satisfy you! Don’t let anything get in your way to stop you from your goals. .
You control what you do, always and forever!

“let the smallest light shine the brightest!”

No matter how dark things get, you must be the light that shines. Keep a positive attitude and see how far it takes you. Leave the negative people and the negative environment! When all you have is your perspective, the only thing that will keep you positive is YOU! Change how you feel and how you see things. Look for the good and how the experience can benefit you. Understand that you control your actions and how you react. Never let the dark dim your light!

“Don’t let the downs stop the ups.”

If we let every inconvenience get to us be are promoting the negatives in life. Let the bad moments pass and let the positive vibes take over. There is always an opportunity around the corner, it is up to you to check and see what lurks beyond the corner. Never let the negativity stop you from doing your best. Pay it no attention other than finding a way to make it never happen again! You are in control of your actions, always and forever!

“all it takes is one good idea.”

Once you come up with it, execute it! There is so much potential in this day and age that all it takes is one idea to blow up. Every time you come up with something write it down and finds ways to make it viable. That single thought with the right action could change everything. But remember the thought is only half of the process, the action is what makes it a reality. Find your balance and keep trying to make it, I’m rooting for you!

“The fire is already in you, just add fuel.”

You may not BELIEVE in yourself but I do! I believe you have a fire waiting to burn bright inside all you need is to build the flame. Learn some skills and progress yourself. The more you know the more you can accomplish. There is so much potential just waiting to move you up to the next level. Keep your fire going by learning new things and then putting them to good use. You can burn bright and achieve great things, just keep advancing!

“The end isn’t once you fall its once you give up.”

I hear so many people wanting to give in to the desire of quitting because they failed or lost. You may have lost this time but whos to say you won’t win the next time? If you say you are tired of trying think of why you tried to begin with. That one sole reason should be enough for you to never give up. This loss cant keep you down, it is not over! Giving up should not be an option!

“words mean nothing when they don’t match the actions.”

This is my number one pet peeve, say what you mean and mean what you say. When you say something always follow up with the correct matching action. Don’t let your words become meaningless by constantly doing the opposite of what you say. Your word is your image and your image is your reputation. If you make a plan follow through with it, if not hold yourself accountable for not getting it done. Learn to be dependable for not only others but yourself!

“If one thing doesn’t work out another will.”

Life is full of experiences and each one has a different outcome. You are not destined for every venture to go the way you want. But that should not stop you, there will be something else right around the corner that will work out. There is too much in life that you can do for things, not to workout. If it does not go your way then learn from it and on the next time fix where you went wrong. Don’t give up, you still have time!

“Everything plays a role.”

If you are going through anything right now just know it is setting you up for the future. This temporary problem will be the experience needed for a future problem so that you can overcome it! All things in life make a difference, even you! Not a single person in this world won’t provide a role. It is up to you to decide how many people you affect for the better. So go out there and inspire others as they do for you! Play your part!

“Time is what you make it.”

Everyone has the same 24 hours but not everyone gets the same amount of things done. You must learn to prioritize what needs to be finished first. Yes, enjoying the pleasures of life is fun but don’t let them take priority. You control how you spend the time and you are affected the most by your decisions. Make a list of the day before and arrange them by priority, then wake up at a time that will allow you to do them! Spend your time wisely, you never know how much is left!

“the moment is infinite.”

When you are conscious of time everything feels as if it will last forever. So when you are down and feel this way, realize that it is just time manipulating your senses. It will pass, then time will continue and you will focus on the next big thing. Don’t let the now stop you from focusing on your future. There is plenty of time ahead and right now is not the end. You will look back at this moment and actually realize how insignificant it was compared to your life as a whole!

“Make the change you want.”

This is something I say a lot but have not made a post about. You are the person who can make the change and if you don’t then no one will! You control your future by performing in the present. The gift of life is if you really want something you can get it. Don’t waste that gift, get what you want and don’t stop till you have it!

“Be bold to get gold.”

This means you have to take chances and go out of the way. Break free from that bubble you have placed yourself in and be assertive with your actions. Being bold is taking chances and pushing yourself to do things you wouldn’t normally do. Your goal is going to have obstacles that require you to do something you haven’t done before. This is your time to be bold and go for your goals! Show the world how bad you want your dreams to come true!

“You determine the outlook of things!”

You are in control of the perspective on how you perceive things. Just how you can think a bad thought you can counteract with a good thought. You have free will and free control of your mind so don’t let negative feelings control you. Put yourself in a happy place and leave the ill thoughts behind where they belong. Your happiness should be the most important thing in your life! In the end, you matter the most!

“A mistake is priceless.”

You never know where it will lead you. Nothing can show you the right direction and next step to take as failing can. You must be open to the possibilities that you have after a mistake. First, remember you can learn from it and that it is not the end. Second, once you learn from it you can tweak where you went wrong. Don’t let the experience of performing an action go to waste, this mistake changed your course for a better future!

“Don’t stay in the past, the future is moving.”

If you are upset it is more than likely the product of you staying in the past. A problem that has already occurred that is still troubling you. Understand that once something has passed you have two options. Move on and make the best of it or dwell on the problem and stay behind. The future will not forgive you and will not stop just because you are stuck. Live life to the fullest because everything has an expiration date!

“The best view is at the top of the mountain.”

This can be taken multiple ways but I am going to focus on only one. Every struggle you go through is going to be worth the end result, that result being your goal. The process will take time and it will not be easy but the payout is worth all the hassle. These temporary struggles are nothing compared to the success you will obtain from pushing yourself while gradually climbing to the top! Strive to make it to the top no matter what!

“care before it happens.”

This is to open your eyes to the possibilities that things could always change in an instant. People tend to not give attention to something or someone unless some sort of problem occurs. This should be a wake me up to the people who are ignoring their life and the people in it. Don’t wait for something bad to happen to show someone that you care. Take precautions to whatever it may be in your life now. Don’t wait till the worst possible outcome before you act!

“Imperfections make you perfect”

Understand that no one is born perfect and that all your unique traits make you one of a kind! Don’t let social norms mold you into the crowd. Don’t let their idea of perfection fool you, because everyone has their own concept of it. One person may dislike a characteristic while another will love it. Don’t let people change who you are just so you can get approval. Stay true to yourself and let your “flaws” shine!

“You create your purpose.”

People are born into this world with only the instinct to survive. Their purpose is to live but it is how you live your life, that is what defines you. You are not told what you have to do, that is for you to decide. Your ideal purpose is something that makes you feel as you have accomplished something with your life. Make a list of the things you want to finish in life before you die. Make every day another step towards completing those goals!

“define your reasons.”

When you have a goal in life the best thing you can do is make it as precise as possible. Make your intentions clear and your reason valid. Make sure it is something that will keep you motivated and always wanting more! That is the most important thing to achieving your goals, if you do not have a good reason then you will not be hungry for success. Be clear, be precise and you will be successful!

“Don’t spectate, perform”

Don’t sit on the sidelines watching everyone else follow their dreams. Step on stage and do what you love! You have the same amount of potential as anyone else. You have the possibilities to make your dreams come true! Don’t be afraid to make the transition from watching to doing. This step will set you above the rest who will continue to not follow their dreams. Make the change you want

“Live like you know the future.”

Think about it. If you ask any elderly person they will tell you their regrets and how they would have done things. Of course, you do not “know” the future but you do know what is best for you. Deep down you know what will progress you to be where you want in life and what won’t. Don’t make the choice of picking something that’s bad for you because it will hurt you later on in life. Have confidence and pick a progressive future!

“Open your mind if you are blind.”

When you are stuck and feel like your options are limited try this. Evaluate your life as a whole and think of all the things you accomplished. Then ask yourself what else do you want to accomplish. Make a list of things that will make you proud and content with life. You create your purpose and can alter your life at any moment. One small step in the right direction can set off a chain of reactions! Live your life proud!

“talking does not generate results.”

You can repeat the same words for the rest of your life and never get anywhere. You start with “I’m going to…” but never follow up. Then you say “Okay, well I’ll do it tomorrow”. Don’t let this become a process that you go through. Take the next step and perform the action needed to make your words come true. Don’t live your life saying your dream, live it by doing them!

“find light in the dark.”

During tough times as these, you must look at all the good that is happening. We must focus on our health and those who matter the most to us. We must cherish the things we care about most in life. Anything could happen in a split second that could change our life drastically. Never forget that nothing is permanent and be thankful for what you have now. Even though things are bad, they could always get worse!

“stop adding extra pressure!”

What I mean by this is, you control your priorities. Stop leaving things till the last minute, this will cause unnecessary pressure. If you have time to get it done then do it! When you have a lot of things to do then the best thing you can do is make a list. Don’t let them overwhelm you! You control what can bother you and if it bothers you, then finish it first! You hold the power!

“The path might be unclear but don’t stop progressing.”

We don’t know what the future holds for us but that shouldn’t stop us from moving forward. Keep finding yourself as you go along, find what makes you happy. Once you find it, follow that path. You are not limited in your options or in your abilities to achieve them. Keep working on becoming the best version of you that’s possible!

“Everyone cannot be pleased with the same results.”

 Just know that no matter what you do, someone will have a problem with it. You cannot please everyone and that shouldn’t be your goal. Make yourself happy and proud before you seek the approval of others. YOU matter most when it comes to life. Stop trying to make everyone happy by trying to be perfect! Just be you, and live happily!

“Be like a river and keep flowing!”

There is no other option than to keep on going! You must continue on the path to victory at all costs. Do not stop just because it gets hard, let this struggle be a lesson for a better future. Life will be a constant roller coaster of good and bad but don’t let the bad times shine! Good will always be around the corner, just keep working on a better future!

“when you have nowhere to go think about where you are.”

Take your time to evaluate your life and understand where you stand. Once you look at your life, you can see what the next step is. It gives you a broader understanding of what you have been doing with your life. Only then you become aware you can change what needs to be done. Don’t let yourself get lost!

“Life is only as bad as you make it.”

You control your feelings and mindset which changes your perspective on life. You are always in control, never let anything change that! When times get tough then look for the bright side. As long as you are alive you will be able to change your circumstances. Its never over until you have given up, make the future great!

“you can control your future from this point on.”

Never forget you are the one in control and that everything you do is your actions alone. Let this open your eyes to this beautiful fact. If you don’t like the way things are going right now then make them right. Take the wheel and control your life’s path! Let today be the day that you open your eyes!

“a new day comes a new change.”

Every day comes, a new opportunity for greatness. There is always something around the corner that you can use to get ahead. Don’t be afraid of change for change is the only thing that will progress you. If you don’t like the way things are right now, each day is a new opportunity to make it different. Never forget you have the power!

“a blind follow leads nowhere.”

Understand that you must have a reason for doing what you do. Never take someone else word for it and follow them. You must be your own leader, this is the only way to live free. Others will try and lead you into a life that is not meant for you. Don’t let anyone pressure you into being someone you are not. Live YOUR life YOUR way!

“results are the product of trying.”

You must put in the effort to get the things you want, life will not just hand them over. Make your goal burn with desire until you obtain them! Don’t be scared to keep making attempts, just because you didn’t get it the first time does not mean you cannot make it a reality. That goal only becomes unobtainable the moment you quit! keep on going!

“make a change and feel the difference.”

See that things are possible and that you really can do it! Never underestimate yourself, you hold great power. This power is not being used yet but once you put your mind to it, nothing can stop you! Once you start the path towards advancement then you will realize every step you take is possible! Never doubt your abilities, just give it a try

“Don’t let the pressure pile up.”

This is something a lot of us tend to do. We will have every little inconvenience pile up and right before you know it, all comes crashing down. Learn that it is okay to be upset and that you can take time off to cope with things. Don’t let everything come back at you because you decided to keep going and ignore it!

“Don’t let a fall stop you.”

Always remember you are not a failure because you fail, you are a failure because you give up! So don’t let one fail label you or determine who you are. Use it as an encouragement to keep on trying until you get it right! You have it in you to make it, you just need to be persistent and not let it stop you! Your goal is worth so much, get back up and keep trying!

“momentum can push you forward.”

think about it like this, the more good you do and the more steps you take the farther you will get. Each step pushes you towards your goal, but only if you take it. It may not be a big leap but as long as you are trying to progress yourself the momentum will follow! Push yourself in the right direction and see where it leads you!

“Never copy, enhance.”

Nowadays people see success and want to do exactly as that person does but that is not the way. You must stay true to yourself and be the person you are. Learn from them but never copy, it is up to you to make yourself stand out! Once you do that success is right around the corner. Use your unique perspective to take the world by storm. Be real, always and forever!

“even a falling star has meaning.”

Understand that everything has a purpose and just because others don’t see it does not mean it does not exist. This can be used for almost anything in life and can be interpreted in multiple ways. The beauty of this is that everyone has a perspective and that it varies. You have the option to turn something bad into something good by looking at the positives! Think about it more and open up your horizon!

“change happens with you.”

Most people want to change the world but do not realize their perspective must be the first to change. You cannot help others if you yourself are struggling. Once you are at peace with yourself then you can begin to help others. Get started on becoming your ideal self and understanding who the real you is! Don’t be afraid to show it, you CAN make a difference!

“Question yourself if you don’t have the answer.”

Think about it, every time you say “I don’t know” you are setting yourself up for failure. This lack of knowledge that could be obtained is just being wasted. Your brain has the capability and capacity to learn. Why not try and understand the way things are? Asking why will lead to so much, it will get your brain to try and ask more questions, in return, generate more answers!

“Live for yourself.”

Learn to do and act for yourself. Don’t let someone become your puppet master. You have just as much potential as they do. This means you are capable of great things! Make your reason for living something that you are passionate about and that’s only for you. Make that life goal something to strive for, something that advances you forward! Everything you do, do it for you!

“Failure is not your future.”

This is simple, just because you fail/make a mistake does now mean that you can not have a successful future! The moment does not define everything, your reaction to the situation does! Those who are successful are the ones who did not give up during the pain and struggle. They used it to keep moving forward for a better life! Never stop chasing your goal, you have it in you to make it true!

“don’t complain if you haven’t tried.”

Life is all about action meaning it is constantly changing. Most people who complain know what needs to be done but for some reason choose to not do it. In life, you must take risks and push yourself beyond your capacity. You must constantly evolve and adapt to this ever so changing world we live in. So before you start to complain, just give it a try!

“try before you die.”

In life, you are given a certain amount of time to do what you want, every day takes a little more off that life. It is up to you to do the things you want. The fewer things you don’t try, the more you will end up regretting it! You only have so much time, make sure you do what YOU really want. There are no redos or second chances, act now!