About Me

Hello, my name is Kyle! I am 23 years old and currently attending college. I am fascinated with all things business and psychology. From the age of 14, I have been dealing with Scheuermann’s Kyphosis Scoliosis. It will always be a major part of my life because it shaped me into the person I am today (quite literally). I have had numerous surgeries and many restless nights in the hospital because of my condition. My last surgery was at 19. If you have not read my story I recommend doing so!

That being said I wake up every day of my life thankful to be alive and capable to do the things I want! You never know what you have until you are on the brink of losing it. My goal is to help open the eyes of those who feel lost and unable to keep moving forward. Trust me I know what it feels like to think there are no options available! This brand is a testament to show anyone that as long as you are living and capable, anything is possible! It’s time to take control and make the best of life!